Russ Freeman { Contract software developer }

My name is Russ Freeman and I'm based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50. I develop web sites and desktop Windows software - and it's what I've done professionally since around 1990.

I love writing code, I'm easy to get along with, technically proficient and quick to learn new stuff.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch!

You can email me using [email protected] or give me a call on 07896 425 869

Current Projects

I'm current working on A portfolio and networking site for models and photographers.

It incorporates a lot of client side Javascript (via JQuery), backed by a rich JSON API, to massively reduce page loads and refreshes and thus saving a lot of server costs in terms of wasted CPU cycles and bandwidth.

What I've done in the past

My last major project was where I was one of the founders. I wrote nearly half a million lines of code for the Windows desktop software and nearly 100,000 lines of code for the servers.

I designed and developed high performance ISAPI DLLs and COM components for use within VBS ASP pages on top of IIS of various flavours which ran, and still do, much of the company's services.

I implemented a JS API (in ISAPI) with throttling and advanced caching built in.

Before that I was at Digita Open Systems where I was a development team leader working on Windows User Interface components. I was also the toolsmith and as such I automated many systems, dramatically improved workflow and implemented automated overnight testing.

I worked at Microsoft in Redmond where I worked on Microsoft Money '97 and consulted for Money '98.

I've worked in many places. On many interesting projects. I can send my full resume if needed.

Experienced with...

HTML5, CSS, Javascript and JQuery, IIS, Visual Studio, C++, ASP (VBS), MFC and many technologies, tools and languages I've forgotten.

I've worked on Windows since 3.0, on IIS for around 14 years, Visual Studio since 2.0.

I have extensive experience with MySQL, from configuring through to writing big fat and optimal queries.

Key skills

I'm great at solving problems and not getting painted into a corner. I know which tools suit which problems. I know how to use free/OSS solutions to save money and I know when they can't be used.